More seafood? Yes, please!

plate with crab meat

Let’s talk about delicious crab meat today. It is pricy, it is tasty, it has no carbs and almost no fat. Moreover, it is very rich on protein (19 gr in 100 gr of a product), Magnesium, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-6. Sounds like a great meal, doesn’t it? I thought so too, but then I heard that it has too much cholesterol, so I decided to check on that. How much of crab meat you can eat at once? Probably not more than 16 oz. It is a jumbo package of a crab meat. 16 oz has about 225 mg of a cholesterol, which doesn’t exceed a 300 mg income for a healthy person, so that is okay-ish, but not great, since you basically exhaust your daily cholesterol limit.

Next, I need to mention that different kinds of crabs have different cholesterol level. A 3-ounce serving of steamed blue crab has over 80 milligrams. The same amount of Dungeness crab contains around 65 milligrams and Alaska king crab has just 45 milligrams (for the source, read here), which means you always have a healthier choice of crab meat.
I also need to say that crab meat contains a lot of sodium, and with salt added to your side dish or to the sauce, you easily can get more sodium, than you want to. In 16 oz jar you can get up to 77% of your daily intake of sodium. Moreover, it is not only rich on Vitamin B-12, but has almost 2 times more than you need daily (and that is in 100 gr of a product!😦), so you really should not choose to eat crab meat every day. I know, it is very sad, but truth. Will save you some money though!

P.s. check out my article about scallops. Yummy 😋

Conclusion: While crab is awesome, you really shouldn’t consume it every day. No carbs, no fat, BUT lots (or you may say too much) of cholesterol, sodium and Vitamin B-12


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