This is an introduction post! 🔔
It is always hard to start something new, when you have so many thoughts and you don’t know where to start! I want to share so much information! Anyways, let’s start from the beginning. First of all, I hope no one will argue that health is important and certainly helps to feel yourself better and live longer! Of course, healthy diet, organic products and spa treatment help with that, but sometimes it is too expensive, or we just don’t have time to think much about our everyday meal. I am here to share tips on how to make this process easier. REMEMBER, even a small change is important in a long run. In 5-10 years you will be very happy that you made this change to your life. Also, very important thing to remember – you always can start small, so stress won’t shut down your new habits. One healthy meal a day is better than none! 2 minutes exercises are better than 0! Start small and with time you will make more and more progress, thus you will make more and more healthy choices during your everyday life  🖒

Now, important! Here is a summary of my “philosophy”: you have only 2 main enemies, when we are talking about extra weight: sugar and pastry. If you will eliminate them or minimize their consumption to a minimum, you will get much slimmer and healthier. Not hard, just no more candies, chocolate (unless it is dark), donuts, cupcakes, cakes, soda, fruit juices (unless you made them yourself), bread, pancakes, burgers, pizza, etc. Alright, aright, I am joking! Of course, very little of us will be able to never-ever eat those products; and because my blog is about happy life-style and not about teary eyes when you look at your coworker, who is eating a birthday cupcake and licking his fingers. However, you need to know when to eat those 2 enemies of yours, and in what quantities. I will write about it in more details in following posts. Thank you!!!😁